Teddysgirls Review

This is a review about platform called Teddysgirls where you can sell your snapchat nudes.

I recently contacted teddysgirls for a short interview, here are the answers, enjoy.

Q:How and when teddysgirls.net started?

A:  Teddys was started about 6 years ago. At the time we were running a  sort of promotional blog on Tumblr and we started to take notice of  models selling access to a “premium Snapchat”.

We delved a little into  how things worked and started helping some models with promotions and  marketing. So we decided to create a business so we could sort of help  them accept payments and keep track of their subscriptions.

From there  it just grew and grew and we started adding different features such as  private twitters, Dropbox subscriptions and a Video on demand system.

Giving models the ability to have one place to sell all of their  content. Many of our Models have had issues with their social media  accounts getting shut down, so we just launched an Instagram-like “Feed”  feature where models are able to upload directly to their profile.

So  now its more inclusive when it comes to all different forms of content.

Q: Where is the company located?

A: We are a US based company, but we have models and customers all over the world.

Q: How many active models you have currently?

A: As of answering this question right now we are up to 491 Models working with us here at Teddys. And growing every day!

Q: What are your best features you're proud of?

A:  Probably the Dropbox and Feed feature. Dropbox premiums are a bit of a  new thing. But it has definitely started to pick up interest.

The feed  feature is brand new but it has now given the models more freedom of  getting their content out there to their fans. Giving them a place to  come and see everything they upload.

Q: Some plans for the future?

A:  We just launched our new XP Feed which is a major feature for us.
And  as of right now we are extremely happy with what we have. However we are  always thinking up new and innovative ways to improve

There you go, hope you liked this short and informative review of one of the world's most popular platform for selling and buying private snapchat nudes.

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