Tools and Toys For Webcam Modeling

Every webcam model needs it tools and toys, the ones you cannot work without right.

Webcam modeling requires preparation and tools like a good laptop/desktop computer, high speed internet, hd web camera and of course toys like remote control vibrator called lush.

Best Tools for Webcam Modeling

Digital Copy of Your ID

First of all, before you even start signing up for best cam sites, your will need to have a digital copy of your ID ready. Why?

Because every webcam modeling site will ask for your ID, they need to be sure that you're at least 18+.

Laptop/Desktop Computer

You cannot work without laptop or desktop computer, you will need a laptop with at least i5 Intel processor in order to work flawlessly without any glitches while preforming in your cam room.

HD Web Camera

The most important webcam modeling tool for every cam girl or boy is their webcam. HD is a must, no one will pay to watch your cam shows if your video is all pixelated and laggy.

We recommend these:

Logitech HD Pro Web Cam C920

HP HD 4310 Webcam

Logitech – HD C910 Pro Webcam

Logitech Pro 9000 Webcam

High Speed Internet

You will need to have at least 5Mbps Internet connection, don't go below this speed or your cam viewers will have problems with your videos lagging and they will not see anything.

Remote Control Vibrator

The best wifi vibrator for giving control to your cam viewers and making money at the same time. Lovense is the name of the company and the bluetooth remote control vibrator is called Lush.

All you need is to connect your Lush with the token system on chaturbate, set the pleasure levels and how much do you plan to charge for them.

Each time your cam viewer leaves tokens, your Lush will vibrate and your followers will enjoy how you moan, move, shake and entertain them. This toy is a must.

Lingerie/ Outfits

The truth is that your clothes will go off for the most of the time, but the more interesting your costume is, the more horny people will become and more money they will spend.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Doing webcam modeling on your bed can be demanding, especially if you have a desktop computer and can't move it around.

I personally hate cables myself, and that's where the wireless gadgets come in handy, wireless keyboard and mouse are the best tools you can get to do webcam jobs.

Place to Perform

If you want to attract more cam viewers in your cam room, the background or surrounding is a plus factor. Decide how you want for people to perceive you, if  your surrounding is a mess, then it can be a great turn off for some one.

Remember, you're the entertainer now, and your movie scene needs to represent you and to represent the message that you want to share with the world.

If you remember any other tools necessary for performing on a cam and doing webcam jobs, please do let us know.

Thank you for reading till the end. Team

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